Mercedes-Benz Magic Sky

Mercedes-Benz is working on windows that can tint themselves. How? The remarkable developments from the German luxury car giants will result in technology that is truly unique.

Mercedes-Benz Magic Sky ControlAccording to many sources Mercedes-Benz are already in the research and development stage of expanding their Magic Sky Control. Currently Magic Sky has the ability to tint sunroofs. Mercedes-Benz are working on ways to tint the windows too. This would not only add an extra element of style to the vehicles, it would also provide a shade from the sunlight.

The German luxury car manufacturers have confirmed that side windows will the first new elements of the car to receive the technology. If that proves to be successful then further parts elements will receive the same benefit. The SL-Class currently has the Magic Sky Control as an optional extra. When switched on the sunroof neatly applies an opaque finish on the transparent window by producing an electrical frost.

Same technology used on the Boeing 787The Boeing 787 aeroplane utilises a similar type of technology that Mercedes-Benz use within their Magic Sky Control. Passengers can block out strong sunlight using the protection shield with the simple touch of a button. On-demandNowadays if you want your windows tinted, just must be done a body shop where they place a dark film over your windows.

This is a permanent fixture which is not able to be adjusted or switched off. The beauty with this particular piece of Mercedes-Benz’s technology is that it is indeed able to be turned on or off at the customers wish. Appealing to a small segment of the marketIf Mercedes-Benz develop the technology then it is sure to spread round to other car manufacturers. Self tinting windows will be an extremely attractive feature to those who like to modify their cars, but will the technology only be made available to luxury vehicles. Some body shops would hope so as it could make certain types of businesses obsolete.

As mentioned earlier tinted windows add style. Celebrities and those who require privacy as certain moments will also find Mercedes-Benz Magic Sky control quite endearing. Protection from the sunDuring the summer months, the interior of cars can be too much to handle at times. Mercedes-Benz Magic Sky Control would prevent the need to purchase a sun protector for windows, which do prove to look very unstylish. The Mercedes-Benz technology is expected to be so intelligent that it will detect sunshine and provide a barrier to keep the cabin at a bearable temperature.

Stranger things have happened.However before anyone gets too carried away, it must be noted that development of self tinting windows is still at it’s very earliest stages. There is still a very long way to go if we are to see such technology being made available in Mercedes-Benz vehicles anytime soon. Laws to meetThe development will not be a straight forward process. Tinted windows like in the UK, must meet specific rules and regulations. If windows are too dark, this is now deemed illegal. There needs to be a certain amount of visibility outside the car. For obvious reasons, windows that are too dark will be dangerous to drive. Laws will vary from country to country, making the development process a little more difficult. Will window tinting on demand be amongst the majority of vehicles in the future? Do people want to hide at certain times whilst driving? There is no doubt that the Mercedes-Benz technology will appeal to a specific type or market only. Is it worth developing it in that respect? We believe that it is, as it will get more popular as more motorists are educated. We are sure the Mercedes-Benz magic sky control will be game changer when it is finally ready


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