Mercedes-Benz sales disappoint in China again

As Ford announces new plans for them to succeed in China, Mercedes-Benz sales in China have slumped.

For the third month in a row, the German company announce poor sales in a market have tremendous potential. The Chinese automotive industry is said to be experiencing growth, with demand of luxury cars in the country booming in particular. That is surely bound to be a worry for the German company.

It would seem that with the increase in fuel prices and increased interest rates in India have had an effect on customers being able to purchase a car from the German brand.

The news of failings within the Chinese automotive industry doesn’t just come as a surprise to Mercedes-Benz, but to many other automakers too. The company was expected to pick up its sales by now. Alarm bells will be ringing now that it doesn’t seem to be.

However sales are doing well in other important markets such as the UK, USA and Germany. This certain piece of news doesn’t include the number of car sales in Hong Kong.

The first half of the year represented great success for Mercedes-Benz. The fact that sales over the summer from July until now have slumped makes it quite a shocking turnaround. As a matter of fact, S Classes, which are the companies most premium type of cars at present, are selling at their most successful in China. The sales for the first half of the year was said to be up to 41% higher than last year.  When will sales return to figures like that?

China’s automotive industry, as mentioned, has huge potential. Strangely enough, Mercedes-Benz’s first half of the year success is a great testament to that. Many may see this as just a “setback” rather than paving the way permanently.

Mercedes-Benz is without doubt one of the most popular and successful luxury car manufactures in the world. Their cars do come at a premium price considering their immense quality throughout. Their cars have class written all over them. Could this be the underlying problem within a particularly choosey market?

Sales may be slumping at the moment but many may not bet against the company flourishing in the Chinese automotive industry. Nevertheless no one is in any doubt that improving in China is a mammoth task.



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