Mercedes-Benz sales record for April

Mercedes-Benz have reported their best ever April sales in the United States. The German luxury car makers are clearly keeping up the pace with BMW, following last year’s intense sales battle where Mercedes-Benz was beaten by a very small margin.

The company managed to sell 22,336 in April alone. Sales include sales of the Smart brand which has increased by 63 per cent and the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter which is up by 73 per cent. Overall sales in April represented an increase of 23.8 per cent when compared to the previous year. All Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicles, Smart cars and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans sold 25,066 in April which represents an increase of 30.8 per cent. So far from January to April the luxury car company have sold 83,849, which is an increase of 17.5 per cent. Can things get any better for Mercedes-Benz?

As you may have expected, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class led the sales charts. Typically the E-Class and the M-Class were very close behind. Rejuvenated models have attracted a younger market, helping to boost sales even further. The C-Class hit 6,424 with the E-Class hitting 5,328. The M-Class hit 3,057 sales. The Mercedes-Benz CLS four door coupe was a surprisingly good performer, selling 522.1 per cent more compared to April 2011. The Mercedes-Benz SLK Roadster hit record sales, increasing by a staggering 215.5 per cent over the same period last year. The amazing SLS AMG supercar, available to the rich only, selling 104 units which is 92.6 per cent up over April 2011.

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class has sold 24,531 so far this year, that’s 20.1 per cent up from the same time period last year. The E-Class has sold 19,201 and the Mercedes-Benz M-Class has sold 58.2 per cent within the same period.

AMG models sold in 529 units in April, a fantastic 55.1 per cent increase. Diesel vehicles in particular sold 2,300 which represent 142.4 per cent increase, a sign that fuel prices are forcing some to opt for more fuel efficient models.

April represents the sixth consecutive month of sales increase for the Smart brand. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans were up by 76.3 per cent when compared to last April.

Many believe that Mercedes-Benz will trump BMW this year. Sales patterns for the rest of the year are certain to change.


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