Mercedes-Benz showcase mbrace2

Mercedes-Benz has been talking to the press about their latest developments mbrace2. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, mbrace2 allows drivers to keep interact with their vehicle in a way never seen before.

Not only that, the technology enhances the safety of the vehicle and the driver in terms of assistance and care. There are plenty of custom apps available including Facebook, Yelp and Google Search. General Internet access is also provided.

All apps are neatly updated via cloud technology which Mercedes-Benz mbrace2 works with. That way all software is always up to date without any intervention from the driver. In the interest of safety, certain apps are disabled when the car is in motion.

This way the system does not act as a dangerous distraction whilst on the move. Limited functionality is offered to certain apps. The design of the system is efficient and user friendly. That way the driver can interact with the system whilst the car is on the move whilst keeping full focus on the road ahead. Cloud computing systems offer a new dimension to in car technology.

Major changes can be made without the need to physically upgrade the system. Mercedes-Benz mbrace2 owners will now have the latest technology for many years to come, meaning their system will get better as time progresses. There is a major marketing campaign behind the technology.

There will be adverts during the US Open on CBS and during the Emmy Awards on ABS later in November. Adverts during NFL games on CBS along with advert breaks during hit TV shows such as The Office and Smash will also see the advert being played. Networks such as E!, ESPN, Discovery along with TNT, the Food Network and National Geographic will also get the advert being played. Clearly Mercedes-Benz is giving their technology major exposure across major networks.

Not only that, Mercedes-Benz mbrace2 will also spread to tablet users with the likes of CNNMoney, Bloomberg, Autoweek and Engadget getting involved. Search engines are also involved in the campaign. Anyone who types mbrace2 into major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing or social media websites such as YouTube or Facebook will view mbrace2 content. If a search request is made, an advert will appear as a text ad, an extract from


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