Mercedes-Benz SL lightweight

Reports from American confirm that Mercedes-Benz are releasing a brand new lighter SL. The car’s whole exterior is said to be made out of aluminium weighing an enormous 140 KG less than the current model.

The aluminium material is a lot lighter than the typical steel in which cars are made out of. This brings about a much improved economy for the car as well as better performance ratings. The car will now drag a lot less, meaning less fuel consumption and that it will be a lot quicker off the mark.

BlueDIRECT engine

One major change is the BlueDIRECT engine which will be installed into the SLK. Amazingly, they are more powerful but more economical at the same time. Some sources claim that the engine is 29 per cent more efficient than the current engine, which marks a magnificent improvement.

Changes bold but necessary

Everyone can understand exactly why Mercedes-Benz has decided to make such a huge change. Motorists across the world are being priced off the road due to fuel prices being at an all time high. Government emission regulations are coming into force across the world, meaning vehicles must be more environmentally friendly than ever.

The aluminium body work is constructed in a very intelligent way. The car now boasts higher safety ratings as well as better handling on top of its speed and economy enhancements.

Performance of the SL 500

On to the performance figures of the car, which is certainly it’s number one asset. Many fans will be pleased to hear that the car now boasts a brand new V8 engine which is able to produce an outstanding 435 BHP. Imagine that sort of power in such a light car? The 4.6 litre engine has an increased torque of 32 per cent. The model will named the SL 500, reaching 0 – 100 km/h in just 4.6 seconds.

Performance of the SL 350

The other variant contains a V6 engine which is able to produce a mighty 306 BHP and is 30 per cent more economical than the current model. The 3.5 litre car, named the SL 350, will be able to reach 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.9 seconds.

Both models will have a start stop mode, which is a widely spreading economical function within new cars across almost every brand.

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