Mercedes-Benz Sprinter winter test

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is pretty remarkable even during winter conditions. We take a look at how good it performs during such tough conditions. The test involves the vehicle being tested in conditions of – 30 degrees Celsius and lower.

The wonders of BlueEfficiency

You would expect more petrol to be burnt during cold weather conditions with the van needing more power. The fuel efficiency is kept to a minimum thanks to the Mercedes-Benz BlueEfficiency technology. With features such as brake regeneration owners will have to visit the petrol pumps compared to rival vehicles. The Sprinter is the first ever van to contain a seven speed torque convertor automatic transmission which is a major plus.

Cold start

The cold start went well, with many vehicles not even able to switch on during such cold weather. As the vehicle got moving, the gear changes were smoother than expected. Control systems have to be tuned in order to adapt to such conditions.

Adaptive ESP

Adaptive ESP comes as standard and is not an additional extra which is a very attractive option. The new generation ESP comes with Brake Disc Wipe. This ensures that the brakes are always performing at optimum level keeping them dry at all times. During the wet normal braking systems within average vehicles are not as effective. It is a different story for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

Electronic Brake Prefill

Electronic Brake Prefill is an extremely intelligent safety measure. During a normal driving situation, if a motorist stop applying the accelerator it means that the brakes are about to be applied. This particular feature goes a step further and applies the brakes for you in a gentle manner as soon as your foot is taken off the accelerator. Braking time is instant meaning potential accidents can be saved.

7G Tronic Transmission

The Mercedes-Benz 7G Tronic transmissions is an optional extra but one that is certainly worth going for. It has been used throughout many different Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicles in the past with great success. The transition to a van is sure to prove a successful one if these winter tests are anything to go by.

The transmission is a very sophisticated one. The ratios are not spaced far apart. In low gears the van is able to pull away quickly with low revs and operate efficiently in higher gears at higher revs. The actual gear shifts are very close together which brings about a more exciting drive.



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