Mercedes-Benz to market A-Class with Twitter

Mercedes-Benz has taken a unique step for the marketing of their upcoming Mercedes-Benz A-Class. This will be the first ever non-branded campaign ever, with Twitter playing a huge role.

Pure and Simple

The campaign consists of a slogan ‘Pure and Simple’ with an image of the revamped Mercedes A-Class and a hashtag of #NewGeneration.

Twitter hashtag – #NewGeneration

The latest television advert will have the brand new A-Class alongside the Twitter hashtag #NewGeneration. The main aim of the advert is to entice users to use Twitter and discover more about the vehicle. The Twitter campaign will lead fans to where users can take a further in depth look at what the new A-Class has to offer. #NewGeneration has already begun trending worldwide. Mercedes-Benz has said that their Twitter campaign has already started to “encourage and build dialogue and excitement amongst motorists”.

E-mail and further online advertising

Mercedes-Benz will also use an e-mail and online advertising campaign to promote the stunning new A-Class.

Combining with Aurasma

This will be the first ever broadcast from car manufacturer that works with the Aurasma app. Further content will be shown once the smart phone hovers over the image of the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class. Aurasma is the latest craze in the United States which allows print outs and various media outlets to receive extra content once an image is hovered over.

A game changer

Mercedes-Benz Passenger cars Director David George said “The A-Class is a real game-changer for the brand. The Pure and Simple campaign is designed to raise awareness of the new generation for Mercedes-Benz and is the beginning of a major launch for this exciting new vehicle.”

Taking over the Spotify homepage

One of the world’s most popular websites, will be taken over by Mercedes-Benz as part of the latest campaign. The idea will be for visitors to select their favourite song for the new A-Class advert and then tweet their song. The user will then automatically be entered into a competition to win a Spotify Premium membership.

Appealing to the youth

You will see many of the current Mercedes-Benz A-Classes being driven by Mothers and the older generation. Mercedes-Benz has launched a Twitter and online campaign in order to attract the younger generation to the Mercedes-Benz A-Class. The car may turn a new leaf and could be fashionable amongst youth.

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