Mercedes-Benz wins the first battle against BMW

BMW  has lost out to Mercedes-Benz in January after winning the sales war last year. Last month BMW had also beaten Mercedes-Benz but it seems that they are now pushing for that number one spot.

BMW figures healthy

Don’t be mistaken, BMW’s figures were still positive and healthy. In fact it grew by 3.1 % with them delivering 16,405 cars alone in North America. Altogether BMW smashed their all time record in North America by selling 247,907 last year. This equated to a rise of 13 %.

Overly aggressive strategy last month

Some experts believe that BMW sales dipped this month because of an overly aggressive marketing strategy last month. Thanks to that it would seem that sales have faltered this month with Mercedes-Benz taking full advantage.

BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series sold 6,698 units which is a great overall figure as it represents an increase of 16 %. That figure is expected to go up with a brand new generation being put into showrooms as soon as next month.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Mercedes-Benz’s figures bettered that with 20,336 sales marking a sales rise of 24 %. The top selling Mercedes-Benz C-Class saw a rise in demand with it rising 56 %.

Lexus sales falling

Although the luxury car market in North America is currently booming, it would appear that Toyota’s luxury brand Lexus are not taking full advantage. Lexus sales dipped by 4.6 % to with sales of just 12,274.

Previously it was Lexus who held the prestigious title of being the number brand in the country. They have suffered a major fall from grace following their parent company Toyota’s devastating experience in the natural disasters in Thailand and Japan. Part shortages and damage to production facilities caused a serious blow to the Japanese brand. All sales do not include the likes of Mercedes-Benz’s Smart car and BMW’s Mini brand as they are in the luxury car category.

Audi sales increase in January

Audi sales were also up last month. In total the German luxury car manufacturers sold 9,354 which represented a rise of 20 %. This was a record for the company in any previous January. Audi can still acclaim the title as the fastest growing luxury manufacturer.

Cadillac and Porsche

Cadillac luxury cars sales have fallen by 29 % with the American company selling just 8,924 last month. Porsche managed to sell 2,550 last month which represents a 6.3 % increase.


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