Mercedes set to oust BMW as world’s leading luxury car brand

Mercedes-set-to-oust-BMW-as-worlds-leading-luxury-car-brandMercedes looks set to top BMW, by taking the crown for the leading seller of luxury cars, from its German compatriot.

For years, the two Teutonic car makers have battled it out for the top spot, with BMW just having the edge. This year however, has seen Mercedes on top in every sales quarter so far, with its E-Class and C-Class sedans sales propelling them to the top of the sales charts.

It’s been a long period of dominance for BMW – ten years in fact – during which they have shifted more luxury cars than any other manufacturer. This year has seen a Mercedes spike though, with total sales figures of 1.54 million vehicles to BMW’s 1.48 million. This isn’t to say that BMW have seen a decrease in sales, their number are actually an increase on the corresponding figures of this time last year. Mercedes are merely in a ‘golden’ period at the moment, with their competitors hanging onto their coattails. A company insider described the last twelve months as “the best they’d ever seen”.

With the imminent release of the 2017 E-Class, Mercedes will be aiming to hang onto the top spot. The partially autonomous vehicle is fitted with DrivePilot – the most intelligent driving system ever released commercially.

The E- Class is also fitted with Distant Pilot Distronic – essentially a beefed up cruise control that trails the car in front at speeds up to 130mph. The system is also capable of triggering assisted braking if it senses the vehicle is drifting off-course. At junctions, onboard sensors can also detect if objects pass in front of the Mercedes, again triggering the car’s brakes if it suspects danger. Still some distance from full autonomy, these features pull Mercedes alongside the technology used by Tesla’s Model S and X offerings.

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