Nissan seek help from Mercedes-Benz

Nissan are seeking help from Mercedes-Benz with the creation of their next line of luxury cars. Nissan Infiniti, which is Nissan’s luxury selection of cars within the range, is said to be need of major help. Mercedes-Benz is possibly the wisest choice in terms of aid, as they are perhaps the best in the world at creating luxury cars.

Some may feel that this piece of news doesn’t make sense, as the Nissan Infiniti range in fact rivals Mercedes-Benz. However the German giants have stated that they are more than happy to be part of the project as the cars involved are more of rival to BMW. There aren’t many similarities between Mercedes-Benz and the Infiniti range the company have said. They see the Lexus as more of a direct rival.

Steps have already been taken with the announcement that a new compact car from the Infiniti range is said to be developed. The car will be manufactured with Mercedes-Benz architecture. The car is likely to be built in Europe to avoid of currency concerns in Japan. However the final location of its development has not been decided yet.

The deal won’t just consist of Mercedes-Benz helping Nissan, it will work both ways. As part of the Nissan/Renault alliance, Mercedes-Benz will be allowed to install Renault engines within the A-Class. This is a return deal of the Nissan Infiniti range being developed with Mercedes-Benz engines. Vans are said to be developed in the future with both Renault and Mercedes-Benz branding too. Battery technology is also being made for use upon electric cars.

The move by Nissan was executed with the hope of executing a six year plan of boosting sales to 500,000 a year in the Infiniti range. This would treble the current figures that are currently sold. Mercedes-Benz hopes that this new partnership will help them overtake BMW in being the world’s biggest luxury car maker. They had the privilege of being able to say that up until a few years ago.

The newly found partnership is something that is more of a long term plan. Both company’s ambitions and hopes for the future are highlighted by the deal. It’s certainly a move that is positive for the automotive industry as well as Nissan Infiniti fans.



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