Rusty old Mercedes-Benz sold for £3 million

An old 1928 Mercedes-Benz, which was found in a garage, has sold for around £3million at an auction. That’s over double the estimated value of what the supercar was expected to sell for.It has not been driven since 1952 and is in a very poor condition. Clearly much needs to be done in terms of restoration as it has spent 60 years collecting dust and rotting away. Despite that, the car is said to still run in great condition.

Back in it’s day, the supercar 680 S-Type was able to reach speeds of more than 100 MPH. It was one of the world’s fastest vehicles of it’s generation. It was one of the first mass produced luxury sports cars ever. The engine was designed by Professor Ferdinand Porsche. There has been a great deal of hype surrounding the car, being described as an unbelievable find by many motoring fans. No wonder there was so much interest surrounding the car.

As you may have been able to tell from its name, the car boasts a 6.8 litre engine. A car which is un-restored of its type is very rare.

The same family owned the 1928 Mercedes for since the 1920’s. The owner was a former British Army Officer and a World War One veteran. He raced the car on the Brooklands racing circuit in Surrey before he passed away. The car was passed on to his son who managed to set a new record time for the car for a road race between Oxford and Cambridge. From here the car was locked away safely and put into storage with only 8,375 miles on the clock. The car was then taken out of the lock-up by the grandson of the family and then restarted as a 75th birthday gift for his father.

The auctioneers behind the sale, Bonhams, stated that the car still runs perfectly well, driving nicely with the engine being silent. A spokesman said “It is one of the most jaw-droopingly unspoiled, time machine-quality, vintage cars that we have ever had the privilege to bring to market”

One owner cars that have been around for such a great amount of time are difficult to find. The 1928 Mercedes will hopefully not be altered too much by the new owners.

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