Smart Cars coming to India

Smart, who are owned by the Daimler Group will introduce two new models to India if reports are to be believed. The Smart Forfour and the Smart Fortwo are believed to be the Smart cars in question. If the brand is to be introduced to India then its arrival will occur sometime after 2014. A feasibility study is currently being conducted in order to justify the release of the Smart brand to India.

Daimler will rely on their partners Nissan and Renault, who are able to heavily assist Smart in the Indian car market. It is believed that quality and economical engines will be sourced from the company if needed. However many calculations and estimates need to be executed first to see whether this is a viable option. Mercedes-Benz have all the fire-power to develop the engine themselves but it would seem that going down the Nissan Renault route would drastically save costs.

Why haven’t Mercedes-Benz introduced Smart Cars to India before?

Small cars are the heartbeat of India. They represent a majority of 70 per cent market share in India, with many other foreign car brands looking to increase their market share of the small car segment. It would make logical sense for the Smart brand to be sold in India, with many believing that it would prove to be a great success. Many have predicted that this would happen eventually.

Pricing is all important in India

With the majority of families in India needing to look after their money, paying over the odds for a small car is just not an option. As the Smart Car is not considered a luxury car, being placed just below the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, it may actually sell in high volumes some experts have anticipated.

10 new Mercedes-Benz models expected in India

Smart Cars will be a pivotal part of Mercedes-Benz’s plans to release 10 brand new models to India. The luxury car market is currently booming in India so expect half of that number to be within a different category of luxury cars.

Dr Dieter Zetsche, the Chairman of Daimler AG has already spoken of his desire to roll out the Smart brand to the country. Mercedes-Benz will be hoping that Smart Cars help the company hit that number spot in the country ahead of BMW, who are the number one luxury car supplier at present.

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