The Amazing Mercedes-Benz Coupe at the Beijing Motor Show

Mercedes-Benz is making quite an impact at the Beijing Motor Show this year. Their spectacular looking concept coupe was showcased, with many hoping that the car will hit production in the future. Why? Simply because of it’s stunning looks. Their wishes will come true and we can expect the car to hit UK showrooms next year. The CSC (Concept Style Coupe) will be named the CLA when it is released.

The new Medium Front-Drive Architecture

This coupe derives from the A-Class and contains the MFA infrastructure which stands for medium front drive architecture. MFA in German stands for Modularenfrontanstriebarchitektur, meaning Medium front-drive architecture in English.

Spread across the brand

The new MFA infrastructure will be a new platform across plenty of new Mercedes-Benz models. It will represent a new generation for the company.

The engine matching the Golf GTI for power

There is expected to a be a 2.0 litre with 211 BHP worth of power within the new CLA when released. That matches the new generation Volkswagen GTI for power it has been estimated by experts.

No 4Matic four wheel system for us

The car will contain a seven speed double clutch transmission. Although the car shown off at the Beijing Motor Show will contain a 4Matic four wheel drive system, this will not be made available for versions here in the UK.

No 21 inch alloy wheels for us

The stylish 21 inch alloy wheels will as expected not be made available here in the UK. Fans must remember that the car is just a concept. Plenty of features upon the car now will not be on the production vehicle. It is safe to assume however that when the car is released, it will be one of the most desirable coupes on the market.

Bound to be a success here in the UK

Will the Mercedes-Benz be a success here in the UK? Luxury coupe vehicles seem to be selling extremely well at the moment, for that reason we believe it will be a success. The car has a great deal of class, style and will be a unique entrant into the market. There will not be any direct rivals so to speak. However the car will offer a special type of alternative to a conventional 3 Series and a C-Class.  Some sources believe the car will cost around £25,000.


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