The coolest wedding car ever?

Mercedes N

(Sings) ‘Here comes the bride…’

And in this case, she’s got quite a ride. When AMG racing driver Maro Engel tied the knot with his wife Steffi, he decided to ensure his new bride’s wedding day transport was not lacking.

And what better way to achieve this then driving her from the church in a Mercedes-AMG C63 DTM finished with ‘Just Married’ graphics to add a matrimonial touch of class.

“It was an absolutely amazing, incredible experience. When the team offered it to us, we were blown away and thought about how best to manage the half-hour drive,” said Maro about the car.

“It was a crazy feeling, driving off from the church in the C63 DTM together with my wife. We each had a big wide grin on our face.”

So, Maro seemed to enjoy it, how about his newly acquired other half?

“When the offer was first made by the team, I had to discuss it with Steffi. I knew, of course, that this is not necessarily the air-conditioned luxury vehicle that you would have on the way back to your hotel. But Steffi said right away that we should jump at the chance. She thought the idea was tremendous.”

That’s good then. And the pictures are likely to be fairly unique.

“The DTM car brought us full circle, symbolically speaking, because we met through and at the DTM,” Maro gleamed.

What a romantic…

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