The Mercedes-Benz Citan

Mercedes-Benz is aiming high in the compact van fleet market. The company intend to overtake the likes of Vauxhall, who are the current market leaders in an estimated four years. We can expect the van to arrive at the end of the year according to Mercedes-Benz.

Too ambitious?

This is quite an ambitious target for Mercedes-Benz who are releasing their first ever small van. The name Citan derives from the words “City” and “Titan”.

Sketches resemble the Renault Kangoo

There have been no official images as of yet of the van but from what we can make out, it highly resembles the Renault Kangoo.

45 % of LCV vans are small vans

At present, small vans account for the 45 per cent of LCV’s sold in the European region. It is really no wonder why the German luxury manufacturer is looking to get their slice of the action.

2016 is the target to overtake Vauxhall

Stuttgart was the launch pad for the announcement of the Mercedes-Benz Citan. Steve Bridge, who is in charge of Mercedes-Benz UK van sales and is also the companies UK marketing Director had some interesting words to say regarding the sales of small vans. He said “At present we don’t have a small van to sell and this puts us at a disadvantage as a lot of fleets want solus deals which include large and small vehicles. Bearing in mind that we are already in fourth place in the sales charts as of the end of 2011 without a small van, I confidently predict that by 2016 we will overtake Vauxhall to take the second place slot behind Ford.”

Only catching a glimpse

The launch only revealed a glimpse of the Citan, not the whole model. Present at the event were hundreds of automotive journalists at Mercedes-Benz’s Research and Development Headquarters. The van was strangely covered by a large sheet. Once this was taken off, there was another sheet on the van that was even thinner, so that the van was not clearly visible.

There is not many details of the Mercedes-Benz Citan revealed as of yet. Many believe that it will follow the specification of the Renault Kangoo, which is a highly successful van in its own right.

What we do know is that the van will be offered as a Crewbus, a panel van and a Mixto van.

Renault’s dCi diesel engine will be offered as one variant with a petrol variant being offered as the other.



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