The Mercedes-Benz G-Class at the Beijing Motor Show


The Mercedes-Benz

G-Class was recently shown off at the Beijing Motor Show. The company’s AMG division supplied the vehicle with the latest engine from what they have created.

Rugged yet classy

The new G-Class has clearly kept its roots. The vehicle continues to look rugged yet has plenty of class and character at the same time. That specific combination could be down to the fact that the car was hand built in Graz Austria. There are now brand new LED daytime headlights with more modern looking bumpers and grille. The mirrors have also seen a nice upgrade.

New middle console

The middle console within the interior is a brand new feature. Upon it sits a delightful TFT monitor which displays information and data in colour. Another screen is also available which is utilised for the COMMAND and DVD systems. Internet availability along with satellite navigation will be utilised from the available screens. All that has been mentioned will be standard throughout the range.

The G350 BlueTec and the G63 AMG

Out of the four models which will be made available, just two will be sold here in the UK. We will receive the Mercedes-Benz G350 BlueTec and the G63 AMG.

The G350 will be the more economical and “sensible” choice. The car will be able to reach a maximum of 211 BHP and 540Nm of torque. It’s 3.0 litre V6 engine will be mated to a seven speed automatic gearbox. The car will record a fuel economy rating of 25.2 MPG and emit 295g/km of C02. The G350 is probably a better all rounder.

The G63 AMG replaces the G55 AMG. Perhaps the older badge would have suited the vehicle more as the engine within will be a 5.5 litre twin turbo V8. This is the same engine taken from the CLS 63 AMG. There is a great deal of extra power this time round, with the engine producing a maximum of 544 BHP. Emissions within the car have improved from 372g/km to 322g/km. The car will consume 20.4 MPG which is also an improvement, with the previous figure being 17.8 MPG. This vehicle contains start stop technology and 20 inch alloy wheels together with red brake callipers if requested.

There will be plenty of space within, with the boot containing 2,250 litres. That’s enough for a huge family shop and more!

Prices are expected to start from £81,745 for the G350 BlueTec and G63 AMG for the £117,610.


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