The Mercedes-Benz GLK will not hit the UK market

Images of the new Mercedes-Benz GLK have been released, causing uproar of excitement throughout the worldwide car industry. All of that enthusiasm will have be to toned down here in the UK however. It has been revealed that the car will not be released locally, which has disappointed a number of car fans across the nation.

Only left hand drive available

It had been previously hoped that the car would indeed hit showrooms here in the UK. The car has only been developed as a left hand drive vehicle, meaning the GLK is said not be released here due to cost cutting issues. The left hand drive version was developed alongside a four wheel drive system.

Common rail unit

In Europe one variant of the car will contain a 2.1 litre four cylinder common rail unit, one of the most popular engines developed by the company. This will be placed within the entry level model which will be able to hit 168 BHP. These models will come as two separate variants, one being the CDI 4Matic BlueEfficiency and the BlueTec 4Matic. Both trims will achieve 8.8 seconds when racing from 0 – 62 MPH. They will both be very efficient too, recording a fuel consumption rating of 46.3 MPG and C02 emissions of 159g/km.


Other markets to be rejected

Car markets such as Australia, South Africa, Thailand and Indonesia have been denied the GLK as they are all right hand drive car markets.

Good news for the BMW X3 and the Audi Q3

Many view this as a strange decision from Mercedes-Benz. In essence this allows rivals to steam ahead. Vehicles of a similar type including the BMW X3, the Audi Q3 and the Land Rover Freelander to gain more of a reputation.

Will we see a GLK in the UK by 2015

The earliest possible date of a right hand drive GLK vehicle being developed is in 2015. This is when the second generation GLK is due. Research and Development for this vehicle is apparently already underway under the codename X205 in Mercedes-Benz headquarters in Stuttgart.

Cost barriers

In adapting the new Mercedes-Benz GLK towards to a right hand drive wheel, there appears to be many technical barriers. It will cost the company a great amount of money if they were to make the GLK available for the UK.

First appearance

Fans will get to see the first generation Mercedes-Benz GLK at the New York Motor Show, coming up soon.


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