The Mercedes-Benz M-Class launched in India

Mercedes-Benz has launched their brand new M-Class model in India. The German luxury car giant released their third generation of the car with high hopes for its success.

M-Class technology

The new M-Class will come with a host of technologies, enhancing its performance on the road, power and economical statistics. These include an anti-lock braking system, an electronic traction system, automatic transmission and an electronic stability programme.

Sales of the Mercedes-Benz M-Class so far

From the start of the car’s launch back in 2008 the vehicle has sold around 1,500 units, which is quite a respectable figure.


The Audi Q5 and BMW X5 will provide strong competition. The battle between these SUV’s may decide the overall winner in the race for number one. Currently BMW hold that position with Mercedes-Benz close behind. Audi were nowhere near the top spot but showed the largest amount of growth. Many expect them to rival the top two at the end of 2012.

Confident mood

Peter Honegg, the Chief of all Mercedes-Benz India’s operations said how he was in confident mood ahead of the release of the M-Class. His exact words were “At the start of this year, we had promised to introduce exciting new models into the market. We are proud to present today the new M-Class,”

“We are confident that the quality drive and the luxurious experience it can deliver will be a big hit with the customers and it will be warmly received,” he said.

Special edition

There will also be the addition of an AMG edition variant of the M-Class available. This will be a special edition model with just 100 units being made. There has been no prices revealed as of yet.

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class and B-Class

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class and B-Class are having high hopes placed on them by Mr Honegg. He believes that the premium compact segment has a great deal of potential. He said “We expect to become number luxury sellers of luxury cars in India by 2020, the growth will get a boost when the compact models enter the Indian market,”

Mercedes-Benz managed to sell 7,500 last year. That represented a growth of 30 per cent from 2010. Growth rates may not reach this level this year however. BMW sales hit 9,400 and Audi sales hit 5,511 in 2011.


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