The Mercedes-Benz SLS electric at the Paris Motor Show

Mercedes-Benz has transformed their famous SLS model in an electric drive car. It will be showcased at the Paris Motor Show, not as a concept but a production version. Fancy one? You would have to have a staggering €416,500 spare. It is the world’s most powerful (and expensive) electric production car. The two seater looks phenomenal in it’s light blue metallic exterior, in the pictures anyway.

The engine has four separate electric motors underneath which are placed in each corner of the bonnet. They are dedicated to an individual wheel meaning the car is a permanent four wheel drive. Each engine weights 45 kg which allows the car to deliver a maximum of 740 BHP and 738lb ft of torque. That’s an outstanding 177 BHP and 259lb ft more than the standard wheel drive SLS AMG 6.2 litre V8 engine. The Mercedes-Benz will uniquely come with two separate gearbox transmissions helping to provide a better and more powerful drive.

The AMG Torque Dynamics system will offer three different drive mode options, comfort, sport and sport plus. From 0 – 62 MPH, the car will record the time of 3.9 seconds, a very impressive time by anyone’s standards. The car will be electronically limited to 155 MPH top speed. There are 11 speakers around the interior for the driver to hear the performance of the car through a unique synthetic sound. The car will contain a 60kWh lithium ion battery pack.

This complicated bit of equipment was developed alongside their British based affiliates who have developed a 2.4 litre engine V8 for the Formula One team McLaren.The car will take approximately 20 hours to charge fully. It is possible to charge the car in just three hours. The quick charge function, which provides a 22kW power output, will allow the car to be charged a lot quicker. The battery will charged using brake recuperation energy.

The levels of how much is recovered can by selected by the driver through the steering wheel mounted panels. The exterior will be made of a more modern aluminium structure with carbon fibre. This helps makes the car stronger and lighter at the same time. The brakes will be made of carbon fibre and ceramic which also helps the car lose more weight. The Audi R8 e-tron will cost up to half the price of the Mercedes-Benz SLS electric. This will contain half the power though, driving at a maximum of 376 BHP.


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