The new Mercedes-Benz SL550

The new 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL550 will come with a great deal of power as well as luxury. Motorists in America will be set back approximately $105,000 if they fancy one. Is it worth it?There will be a V8 Biturbo engine underneath the bonnet. With that power, you don’t get very good economy however.

The car looks stunning and is sure to grab attention from all over. The shape of the car is proportioned wonderfully. The long nose and aggressive front grille make the car look wonderfully powerful. Some may think the car is actually the SL63 AMG from the front. The HID headlamps with touches of LED make a wonderful combination. The 19 inch alloys placed on such a small roadster gives the car an extra sense of aggression.

The convertible roof top is able to fold down in only 6 seconds, making it an exceptionally fast manoeuvre. The space within is surprisingly quite big. You wouldn’t imagine so when looking from the outside in. The steering wheel adjustment and the seats are all electronically altered. Seats also have memory positions so the driver can sit in their perfect and most comfortable position every time. Some of you may know about Mercedes-Benz’s wonderful Air-Scarf feature.

This blows warm air around your neck during the colder months. Climate control is available ensuring everyone is as comfortable as possible. Wind noise is kept down to a minimum. The car comes with adaptive cruise control from up to 85 MPH. You can’t get more relaxing than that. The Mercedes-Benz SL550 comes with adaptive a drowsiness detector just in-case you feel a bit too comfortable. Active Body Control comes as an optional extra but is probably just about worth the extra money. You’ll get two modes here, Sport and Comfort.

Comfort mode raises the vehicle by 2 inches so that those nasty bumps cannot be felt. The vehicle will be lowered once speed picks up, giving the driver better control. Expert test drivers have claimed that the car is wonderful to drive on the motorway as well as around urban areas. Town driving is made completely effortless, giving that it is so easy to reach the speed limit. Stop start is included as standard. When the vehicle has stopped at traffic lights, the engine automatically switches off once the engine is warm enough. This helps to reduce petrol costs and carbon emissions. Both are already quite high on the Mercedes-Benz SL550, imagine the figures if start stop wasn’t included.


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