The new Mercedes-Benz SLK CDI

For the first time ever a diesel engine has been inserted into the famous SLK roadster, hence the name Mercedes-Benz SLK CDI. The rear wheel drive vehicle will offer something completely different and is sure to appeal to a completely new segment of the market.

The 2.1 litre diesel may not immediately take to customers; it may take a while for the attractiveness and benefits of a diesel to hit home.

Audi took the first step in that sense when they put a diesel engine into their TT Roadster. Out of the 1,572 vehicles sold in 2011, only 281 of them were diesel.

Performance wise everyone will be satisfied, with 201 BHP being delivered. Economy wise, where the main selling point will be, the car gives back 56.5 MPG and emits only 132g/km of C02. That’s quite impressive for a sports roadster and a lot better than the Audi TT diesel along with the most economical SLK model.

The seven speed automatic gearbox transmission mates perfectly with the diesel engine on the Mercedes-Benz SLK CDI. From 0 – 62 MPH the car will take just 6.7 seconds.

The diesel engine runs smoothly and is not too noisy when you want cruise in comfort mode. But when you want the car to rev and produce powerful noises, the engine will adapt wonderfully. However some reviews have said that the car is simply too bumpy and uncomfortable when riding at very low speeds.

In our opinion the petrol version is probably your best bet for now. Mercedes-Benz still has a lot of work to do in terms of refining the diesel into becoming a market leader. Some still wouldn’t mind paying the higher running costs with a petrol version.

But if it is savings you want, the CDI will allow to travel further without you shelling out too much for fuel.

As standard the car will cost £36,250. With all extras included you will paying a massive £47,605. These include items such as the Airscarf, which keeps your neck warm for £395. The infotainment system will cost a massive £1,995.

It must be noted that diesel technology has certainly come a very long way in recent times. Car manufacturers have understood that performance and speed are important to many motorists but cannot be sacrificed for economy. Diesel engines are now more powerful than they ever used be, making them a great choice for those who want a bit of both.

There will plenty of takers for the Mercedes-Benz SLK CDI we believe.


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