Will Lewis Hamilton leave McLaren to join Mercedes-Benz?

Sensational reports from Formula 1 suggest that Lewis Hamilton is about to quit McLaren and join Mercedes-Benz for next season. The Mercedes-Benz team currently has Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg on their books. It is not known which driver Lewis Hamilton will replace. If any deal does go ahead, it will be worth a stunning £60 million over the next three years. Eddie Jordan, a BBC Formula pundit believes that the Lewis Hamilton Mercedes-Benz deal is imminent.

Lewis Hamilton won the 2008 Grand Prix on the very last race of the season. He has been with the team from the age of 13.
McLaren have spoken to the press claiming the rumours to be completely untrue. Hamilton’s management team have also come out to state that the rumours are completely untrue.

It has been rumoured that Michael Schumacher is ready to leave the competition altogether after failing the heights of his previous experience in F1. Lewis Hamilton is believed to being lined up as a replacement.
The deal being offered by Mercedes is a better one than what he is currently on. His manager Simon Fuller believes the deal is better for Mr Hamilton’s celebrity exposure as Mercedes are a bigger name than McLaren. Mr Fuller believes that Mr Hamilton can be a global superstar in the same light as David Beckham.

At the moment the British Racing driver earns £15 million per year at McLaren. Offering £5 million extra on top more freedom when it comes to sponsorship agreements is sure to be a major factor when convincing Hamilton to switch to Mercedes.

Other reports claim that Mercedes’ offer will help Hamilton negotiate a better deal for himself at McLaren. Other rumours claim that it is all just a rumour and came from Mr Hamilton’s camp in order to get the driver a better deal.

Lewis Hamilton originally made his debut at the Australian Grand Prix in 2007, a year before winning the Championship. He managed to finish third and on the podium in only his first race. His first winning race came in Canada in the same year. When winning the F1 World Championship in 2008 he was the first black driver and the youngest at the time to do so. He has not a won a title ever since.
Lewis Hamilton’s deal runs out this year, he may move to Mercedes or he may just be using their interest as a way of securing a better deal.

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