Mercedes E300 Hybrid

The Mercedes E300 Hybrid is a sign of moving forward for the German luxury car giant. Mercedes seriously needed a new model to catch up with BMW’s Efficient Dynamics range.Mercedes’ latest effort sees a saloon combined with a diesel engine and an electric motor. Fuel economy reaches 67.3 MPG and allows C02 to push up(…)

The 2013 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG

The new Mercedes E63 AMG is faster than a Gallardo. It looks stunning and is a high performance car. Being able to hit 0 – 62 MPH in just 3.6 seconds, it beats the Audi RS6 too. The superbly handcrafted 5.5 litre bi-turbo V8 engine is able to produce 549 BHP as standard. That however(…)

Mercedes-Benz stepping up their game in India

Mercedes-Benz is struggling in India at present. BMW are still the number one luxury brand in the country and Audi are the fastest growing manufacturer in the country. In order to counter the unfavoured situation, Mercedes have rolled out their ML 250 CDI Sports Utility Vehicle. The spectacular vehicle was made available on the market(…)

Coupe added to the Mercedes S-Class line-up

A coupe has been added to the Mercedes S-Class line-up. The German company hope that the vehicle can now compete with the likes of the Bentley Continental GT. There are now five models within the line-up of the S-Class. We will see the coupe at the 2014 Geneva motor show. There were reports back in(…)

Just how good is the Mercedes-Benz A-Class?

If you live in Manchester and if you’ve been to the Trafford Shopping Centre recently, you will probably know the answer to this question. The A-Class is displayed just before the food courts, attracting lots attention with plenty of people, from all age groups posing with the vehicle. Did we see anything like that with(…)

The new Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake

The Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake looks like being a wonderful addition to the luxury car market. For all of that luxury, there is also plenty of practicality too. The back seats split fold. There are neat storage spaces around the vehicle, including under the floor. By looking at it and reading the first few lines(…)

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet

The new Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet was caught under testing guise in early November. The new redesigned S-Class cabriolet will be launching in 2014, a year after the standard saloon is to be released. Pictures of the vehicle have been brandished about the internet, developing a great deal of interest. There has been speculation that a(…)

Will Mercedes-Benz reach the top once again?

Mercedes-Benz was previously the number one luxury brand worldwide. In recent years they have been put into the shadow by German rivals BMW and the fast improving Audi. Dieter Zetche, the Chairman of Daimler is clearly unhappy at the company’s standings. He believes that they should be number one ahead of the rest.  He stated(…)

A special Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 for the 45th Anniversary

Mercedes-Benz will release a special and limited edition model of the SLS AMG to celebrate the 45th birthday of the AMG division. The vehicle will be the ultimate collector’s edition, according to Mercedes. The vehicle is so exclusive that just five of them will be made at the company’s famous factory based in Affalterbach. To(…)

BMW beating Mercedes worldwide

Mercedes is falling behind BMW in the luxury car sales battle with not much left of the year to go. With poor sales in China and new model failing to take off as expected, they are now behind Audi too. At present Audi is the fastest growing car manufacturer in the world. Within all most(…)