Mercedes-Benz beats BMW in the USA

Mercedes-Benz has outperformed BMW in the America in October.

We reported yesterday in the news about the Mercedes-Benz USA CEO Ernst Lieb that the company were performing very well in the USA throughout the year. It appears that they maintaining their brilliant work in October too.

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class had a lot of influence in the company’s recent fortunes. Demand for the car jumped a huge 88%.  Sales increased by 23% in the USA to 22,637. BMW’s sales jumped to 13% to 21,873.

Jess Torpak, who is the Vice President of, said that the BMW 3 series had almost reached its sales limit for the year, indicating that allowing Mercedes-Benz to overtake them this month. She was quoted to have said “There was weakness on the 3 Series for BMW as it’s winding down,”

She believed that Mercedes-Benz offered a fresher line-up of models. She said “Dealers were pressured to aggressively clear out the end of the model year. Mercedes has newer products so they can create value with less incentives.”

BMW are leading on sales to date for the year however, with 199,552 cars sold. Mercedes-Benz are just behind in second place after selling 192,695 cars between January and October of this year.

BMW increased incentive rates by 35% in order to compensate for dipping sales. Mercedes-Benz justified offering reduced discounts of up to 15% by releasing updated and refreshed models.

The American luxury automotive market appears to be thriving for Mercedes-Benz USA at present. It is the world’s second largest automotive industry and one of the toughest to crack, especially within luxury car market. Lexus performed poorly last month with sales decreasing by 14%. The company recorded a sales figure of just 18,092 for the month. Cadillac sold just 11,975 cars meaning a dip of 12% in sales.

Can Mercedes-Benz keep the momentum and eventually overtake BMW in the USA? They appear to be enjoying their best year in America for some time. The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class along with other newly refreshed models appear to be allowing the company to report high sales figures. But with BMW looking to release the ever popular in the country next year, Mercedes-Benz USA may need to produce another bit of magic to keep up.

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