Mercedes-Benz C Class Estate Review

The Mercedes-Benz C Class Estate variant carries all the same quality traits you would expect, class and reliability amongst other features.

We have reviewed the Mercedes-Benz C Class already in our blog, but today we take an in depth look at the estate version of the car.


Why do customers opt for the estate version of the car rather than the saloon version? The main reason is simply because it offers more practicality and space. There is plenty of room for luggage and shopping with the boot being one of the best in its class. The car is designed to carry four adults, with them all sitting in great comfort. Drivers will also sit in great comfort with their seating position fully adjustable in many ways.


It is rare that an estate car’s performance matches that of sporty saloon cars. The C63 AMG is the exception, with it being the most powerful of the range. However others in the range also display great performance credentials.  The direct injection turbocharged petrol C250 CGI and the C180 CGI produce 201 BHP and 154 BHP respectively. The diesels boast the C200 CDI, the C220 CDI and the C250 CDI, all of which produce 134 BHP, 168 BHP 201 BHP respectively.

The Drive

Mercedes-Benz has made the suspension adapt to either comfort or sportiness. Either way, the suspension is flexible in the way it adapts to the type of road the car is on. Sport settings give a more thrilling and engaging ride, with more responsive steering giving the car more agility. The comfort suspension setting will soak up the bumps and is adapted for conservative drivers who like to cruise.

It’s nice and quiet within the car. You won’t hear engine or wind noise, making the drive very comfortable and advantageous for long distance driving.


The quality of the car is excellent as you would expect from the German company. Within the car there is a beautifully designed interior making the car look and feel like complete luxury.

When buying the Mercedes-Benz C Class Estate, you’ll be getting a perfect modern day family car. It’s one of the most practical and stylish family cars you can get today.


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