Mercedes-Benz CL Coupe Review

An expensive car that justifies its price tag with breathtaking performance and stunning looks, The CL coupe gets plenty of attention wherever you go.We believe that the car is nothing short of spectacular if you’re looking for an outstanding high performance coupe. We’ll discuss what we believe are the car’s most outstanding attributes.


There is an unbelievable performance throughout the entire range of models. The 6.0 Litre CL 65 AMG V12 is the most powerful with it being able to produce 621bhp and hit 0-62mph in just 4.4 seconds. The entry level CL 500 BlueEfficiency model can hit 0-62mph in 4.9 seconds, a timing that is just over the CL 65. In between is the CL 63, which produces a mighty 563bhp with a 0-62mph rating of 4.5 seconds. There isn’t much difference in terms of performance levels between all engine types.


The excellence of the inside of the car really is second to none. You get an attractive wood and leather design within the car, with an attractive futuristic looking dashboard too.


It goes without saying that the car would need to of the range safety technology installed. The car is installed with airbags and stability control as standard. There is also Mercedes-Benz’s Pre-Safe braking system. This is an innovative piece of technology that prevents as much damage as possible during a potentially dangerous crash. Windows are closed along with the brakes being automatically applied. The passenger seat is moved to the safest position possible too when the technology kicks in. There are indeed many more safety features that go with the car.


The price of the car represents an exciting list of equipment. There is a DVD player, xenon headlights, comfortable leather seats, parking sensors plus a camera to view behind the car for assistance with reversing. The AMG models add a lot more equipment such as specially designed seats which hold you to sync you with the speed of the car.


It’s really no wonder that experts across the automotive industry are full of praise.  Coupes don’t come much better than this. If you have the budget and want a stylish, powerful and reputable coupe, the Mercedes-Benz CL Coupe is an excellent choice.


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