Mercedes-Benz M Class Review

A Mercedes-Benz M Class is expected to arrive to in 2012 from the Mercedes-Benz. But what do we make of the current 4×4? It was made in 2005 and has seen great success in the 4×4 market so far.

In this article we’ll take a look at some of its best points.


At first glance, the M Class expensive and stylish. The vehicle has a tremendous look of elegance throughout, with a wonderfully crafted exterior. The huge alloys make the car look that bit classier, with the front bumper under lip giving it more a sporty edge to its image.

Comfort and practicality

Over any surface, passengers will rarely feel any humps and bumps. Sitting on the premium leather seats will keep everyone relaxed and comfortable to the maximum. There is plenty of room within the cabin for passengers, giving adults plenty of leg and head room.

The M Class comes with an 833 litre boot too. Plenty of luggage and storage items are able to fit within. When the rear seats are folded back, the car gets over 2000 litres of space.

When driving the M Class, you get the idea that car was primarily made for comfort. The noise level is significantly low, allowing everyone to travel in peace and quiet. This is certainly a plus over SUV’s currently on the market.


All variants of the car have considerable power levels. The 5.5 litre is the pick of the bunch in terms of containing the most power, with a 0-60mph rating of 6 seconds. The diesel versions of the car may also prove satisfying in terms of performance to many. The 3 Litre V6’s placed in both have decent pulling power.


Safety issues are a big deal for family cars. With the M Class being a very family orientated car and being a Mercedes-Benz, it’s not surprising that the car received a 5 star Euro NCAP rating. Advanced technology within the car helps to lessen the potential of passengers and drivers being hurt. Airbags, anti-lock brakes and stability control all come with any standard model.

These are just some of the good points about the car. There are many more, with it being quite popular and receiving great reviews since its release. The new 2012 version will naturally be an improvement on the most recent model, which will be an exciting prospect.


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