Mercedes-Benz V-Class Review

The Mercedes-Benz V Class is a large van offering a large amount of space and luxury. Production lasted from 1996 to 2004.

We review our favourite features of the van in this article today.

Practicality mixed with luxury

It’s seen as a luxury type of people carrier, with it being a popular choice amongst groups of high level executives.

Almost everything is electric. Lavish equipment is present throughout with 6 spacious and comfortable chairs amongst two rows. You can even get chromed coat hangers with folding tables. The driving position is great, with has a great amount of visibility along behind the wheel.

With the Trend trim, there is a basic interior design offered. However this still looks quite decent. The fashion trim is a good option to go for too, with it offering a quality velour interior. The pick of the bunch however is the Ambient trim, with it offering a wonderful leather and wooden interior. The leather seats offer great comfort along with the wooden features on the door and dashboard making the Mercedes-Benz V Class look very classy. Cruise control is another brilliant feature offered with Ambient trim.

The ride is always smooth, leaving everyone to sit in luxury and comfort throughout their journey.

Driving the diesel

We wouldn’t recommend going for the petrol variants. Where they may offer a decent performance, they don’t provide a decent overall package in terms of economy combined with power.

The 2.3 litre and the 2.8 litre offer 143 BHP and 174 BHP respectively, but unfortunately provide a poor MPG return. They will return just 24 MPG and 21 MPG, which according to use proves that they aren’t worth it.

The 220 CDI is the most suitable choice, with its 2.2 litre engine offering 35 MPG. The 2.4 turbo diesel is a splendid choice too.


Being a high class van, don’t expect the vehicle to reach high speeds or take corners like sports cars. What we have highlighted are the features which make the van a great catch for those who require a spacious and luxurious van. No wonder it is one of the most popular choice in the chauffeur driven market.

Within the category that it is in, the Mercedes-Benz V Class is one of the best you can get, even today.



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