Mercedes-Benz Viano Review

The Mercedes-Benz Viano people carrier is the companies attempt at breaking into the multi-purpose vehicle market.

Breaking away from the company’s typical pure class and elegance theme, the Viano is people carrier van that is based on offering maximum practicality, whilst keeping containing Mercedes-Benz’s high quality throughout.

In this article, we’ll discuss our favourite features about the car.

Practicality and comfort

Practicality is exactly what the Mercedes-Benz Viano is all about. It has it in abundance as the sheer size of the car suggests. You are able to seat up to 8 passengers with different options of the wheelbases able to be adjusted to. Room is able to be created by moving the rear chairs around, with space created depending on how you want it to be. Large vehicles such as caravans can be towed with the car being able to tow a maximum weight if 2,500kg.

The seating within is designed to be very comfortable, with passengers having plenty of space. Wind noise is kept down to a minimum making the ride very peaceful.


Every model comes with decent safety equipment throughout. There is traction and stability control to help keep the car’s balance during awkward moments. Twin front airbags brake assist technology with anti-lock brakes enhances everyone’s safety along with electronic brake-force distribution. A four star rating on EURO NCAP ratings are very respectable indeed.

Quality and reliability

Within the car you defiantly know that you are sitting in a Mercedes-Benz, as the quality of the interior represents very high standards.

The Mercedes-Benz Viano was engineered with the highest quality, as you would expect from all cars made by the brand. Owners will not complain too often of mechanical faults as the car has done very well in surveys and tests.


Considered more of a van than a car, you don’t get astonishing pace or sporty looks. However it appeals to a specific type of market, with the vehicle being one of the best in its class. There are also options to include sophisticated and stylish features such as privacy glass, electric sliding doors and panoramic sunroof.  Buying the Mercedes-Benz Viano will get a brilliant people carrier that allows family and friends to travel in comfort, with a glamorous bade on the front too.


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