A look at the upcoming Mercedes-Benz CL500 Blue Efficiency

Expert car testers and reviewers have recently got the chance to drive the Mercedes-Benz CL5000 Blue Efficiency.

It’s a fantastic car to drive with it being effortless to manoeuvre and handle, but that’s not all.

Inside you’ll get a 4.7 litre engine, which is twin turbo V8 petrol. The technology implemented throughout the engine is one of the car’s major plus points. The Blue Efficiency technology makes it perhaps the greenest car for in its particular category. Not only do you get a great performance but you don’t have to worry about huge fuel bills or damaging the economy. The car is said to emit 227g/km of carbon dioxide, which is a very respectable figure indeed. That figure is achieved with the aid of Start/Stop technology. There is around 28mpg over a long drive too, it has been stated. Considering the car weights two tonnes, the green credentials throughout are mightily impressive.

The 3 door look straight away drifts the car away from the typical type of Mercedes-Benz.  Brilliantly designed alloy wheels add to the cars tremendous sport appeal. Nothing is overdone, with the elegance remaining throughout the whole exterior. There are LED running daytime headlights too. Exhaust pipes at the back are subtle but standout in an attractive way.

When driving, the feeling of luxury and comfort is majorly present to everyone within. Interior materials are made of the very highest quality. There are sure to be no complaints about the ride, with four luxurious seats. Looking around the car when sitting inside, you certainly get the feeling that the car is very expensive. You won’t get the harsh wind noise or hear rumbles from the engine. Everything about the ride will come across as smooth and elegant.

Blue Efficiency technology isn’t the only significant factor that helps makes the car great. The safety with the car is also immense. Safety Technology includes a pre-crash protection system which attempts to limit as much damage as possible.

The previous version was certainly a thirstier and less economical car. Mercedes-Benz have done very well with their new upgrade in terms of thinking of the enviorment.

It will set you a back a huge £92,000 and can be described as a 3 door coupe. However the new Mercedes-Benz CL500 in our eyes is worth every penny. The Blue Efficiency technology is a major plus point for us, as it separates the car away from its rivals.


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