Mercedes-Benz driving school

The Mercedes-Benz driving school is aimed at improving the skills of younger drivers. It gives children as young as 12 an opportunity to learn how to drive.

Since it’s opening in 2006, the whole project has turned out to quite successful. It has been estimated that over 20,000 students have attended the school, all being lucky enough to learn in a Mercedes-Benz car.

It takes place at Mercedes-Benz world in Surrey, where specially designed variants of training are placed in order to cater for all students, whose ages will vary from 12 and above.

Pass rates of first time drivers can significantly be increased when students attend such a course. With the school teaching the students many of the basics and plenty of skills, they will learn how to drive in the future instilled with great confidence. What better way to begin your lessons?

Children who are 4ft 11inches or taller are taught at a more advanced level. They will sit alongside a professional driving instructor, who will also have control of the vehicle. Skills taught include steering, braking, parking and learning how to change gears when speeding up and slowing down. They are also taught a different type of skill on a handling circuit afterwards.

After learning at the establishment, many may avoid potential accidents in the future. A couple of years ago sources in Sweden reported that a scheme similar to the Mercedes-Benz driving school was very successful. It was reported that accidents were reduced by 40% to those who took part in youth drivers training. Mercedes-Benz will be hoping to reach that feat too, with many younger drivers involved in accidents throughout the UK.

Modules within the training go beyond that of a typical driving test. Students will be put in role play situations, including emergency circumstances. It certainly comes across as a productive and worthwhile experience.

The prices are believed to be £40 for 30 minutes and £75 for 1 hour. Admission is free and Mercedes-Benz world is open 7 days a week.

The whole idea does come across as a sensible way of giving young drivers foundations to become safe drivers in the future. Many nowadays complain about young drivers, with them having a certain negative stereotype. The Mercedes-Benz driving school like this can really help improve road safety for the future.

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