Mercedes-Benz S Class Review

The new Mercedes-Benz S Class is one of the most luxurious cars on the market at the moment. There isn’t much missing from making it a perfect car. In this article we’ll discuss what we think are the car’s best features.

The Drive

The drive is perhaps the best feature about the S Class. The bumps of the road are hardly felt with excellent suspension installed which is adapted according to the conditions of the road.

The handling of the car is as expected of the highest standard. The car grips the road very well and is also quite agile considering the sheer size of it.


The car has different engines that suit all drivers who require speed and wonderful performance. There are five different petrol engine variants offered. Every engine variant is so powerful that it won’t have much trouble in beating some supercars off the mark. The diesel option is perhaps the most rational engine to go with. It offers a brilliant performance but keeps the economy costs down at the same time.


The car offers so much safety that you’ll find hard to not to be protected in most situations. There is a feature which detects whether drivers are sleepy or not. The technology pulls the car into lane if there is any straying for any particular reason. There is also a night vision monitor to check for pedestrians and objects during the darker hours.


There is a lot of room and space within the cabin. The sheer size of the car perhaps gives that away when looking at the car from the outside. The boot capacity is 560 Litres, leaving plenty of storage space for family shopping. Passengers sitting in the front will receive plenty of head and leg room too, allowing everyone to sit in comfort. However the car is designed to seat just four people and not five.


We should mention that there are many more features which we could have discussed as to why the car is so great. There can’t be enough said of the Mercedes-Benz S Class Saloon. Its limousine style presence along with its exquisite style, engineering and superb drive make it one of the most desirable cars on the market.



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