C Class

Five reasons to buy a Mercedes C-Class

When it comes to the junior executive market, the winner of the WhatCar 2016 Car of the Year – the Audi A4 is pretty much unbeatable. But if you do fancy something slightly different, the Mercedes C-Class is definitely worth a look. It’s a high performance cruiser, with a top quality interior, plenty of equipment(…)

Mum gives Mercedes C Class raffle prize to daughter

What do you do when you win a Mercedes as a prize? If you’re Claire Dunning of Thornaby the answer is, you give it away. When Clare scooped the winning ticket in a fundraising raffle in aid of the Norton-based autism charity Daisy Chain, she was shocked to find she had won a Mercedes C(…)

The Mercedes C Class

Whatever class of cars Mercedes release, we know that they will be extremely good vehicles. It is known that Mercedes is soon going to release an updated C Class as part of the mid season facelift. These vehicles will be extremely sought after but, the AMG vehicles with all of its upgrades will be even(…)

The Beautiful 2017 Mercedes C300

The 2017 Mercedes C300 is bringing a new dimension into the Mercedes line up. This vehicle, which is set for release in 2017, would certainly win the top prize at Mercedes’ beauty contest. Mercedes’ C Class line has always produced some of the most beautiful compact executive cars that have available on the automotive market,(…)

Mercedes-Benz Proved Their Worth Last Quarter

Mercedes-Benz performed extremely well in the first financial quarter of 2016. Setting new company records and beating targets, the company have been able to capitalise on market needs and have proven their worth as one of the best automotive companies, even with the high price tags for the luxury vehicles. Mercedes managed to sell 647,550(…)