Mercedes Can and Will Be Going 100% Bio-Diesel

Mercedes can and will soon be fitting all of their vehicles in India with 100% Bio-Diesel. This comes as the Supreme Court issued a ban on the registration and use of diesel SUV’s and high end vehicles with over 2000cc’s. Mercedes are the company that has been the worst affected by this news as there(…)

Mercedes-Benz bring Performance Driving to India

Mercedes-Benz has combined with Jaypee Sports International Limited to bring the AMG Performance driving academy to India. The Academy will be located at the Buddh International Circuit which is in Greater Noida. The finished product will go under the name of JPSI-AMG Performance Driving Academy. Peter Honegg Peter Honegg, the Mercedes-Benz India CEO said that(…)

Mercedes-Benz and BMW could miss 2011 targets

It has been reported that both Mercedes-Benz and BMW are likely to miss their sales targets for the year in India. 10,000 target We had reported earlier that both companies did well with sales in October in other parts of the world. But it appears both BMW India and Mercedes-Benz India are feeling the effects(…)