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Ten things you probably didn’t know about Mercedes

Mercedes – a brand synonymous with class, luxury and darned fine engines as the current Formula One incarnation is demonstrating. There’s no doubting a Mercedes claim as something of a status symbol. Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about the heralded German car maker… 1. The first petrol Mercedes vehicle was made by Karl Benz,(…)

Mercedes set to oust BMW as world’s leading luxury car brand

Mercedes looks set to top BMW, by taking the crown for the leading seller of luxury cars, from its German compatriot. For years, the two Teutonic car makers have battled it out for the top spot, with BMW just having the edge. This year however, has seen Mercedes on top in every sales quarter so(…)

Mercedes-Benz just behind Toyota as the world’s leading car brand

According to Interbrand, Mercedes-Benz is second to Toyota in being the world’s leading car brand. In what respect did Mercedes-Benz come up just behind Toyota as the world’s best car brand? Interbrand judged brand’s in their purchasing decisions and their ability to make become more profitable. Afterwards a list of 100 brands was produced, all(…)