Mercedes Sales

Mercedes-Benz sales soar in February

Mercedes-Benz has seen their sales soar in February in the United States. Steve Cannon, the Head of Mercedes-Benz’s operations in the United States has said that the company are building upon the momentum of January. Last year Mercedes-Benz recorded their best ever year in the country in terms of sales but was still narrowly beaten(…)

Mercedes-Benz reports remarkable October sales figures

Mercedes-Benz sales figures dramatically rose in America and Canada for last month. In what is considered a remarkable achievement, Mercedes-Benz is clearly progressing towards cracking what is considered two very tough markets. Canada saw 2,865 new vehicles delivered in October alone. This meant that Mercedes-Benz sales within the country saw an increase of 16% on(…)

Mercedes-Benz sales on the rise

Sales of Mercedes-Benz cars have risen by 2% was reported earlier this month. In September, Mercedes-Benz sales reached 120,982. This equated to 919,288 for the whole year so far, which meant a 7.6% increase in sales compared to January and September last year. (Figures represent Mercedes-Benz brand cars) The total sales for the Mercedes-Benz cars(…)

Mercedes-Benz sales are up

Mercedes-Benz has announced an increase in sales year-on-year in August, by 8%. This comes after news of another German car manufacturer, Audi, released news about an increase in sales too. Sales in Germany a real boost This comes as great news to the car manufacturer, who now sees this as a stepping stone to reach(…)