Mercedes team up with Emirates for S-Class flying experience

Mercedes have a proven track record making great cars. But as good as they are, they don’t fly. As far as we know. The German car maker have decided to address this shortcoming by teaming up with Emirates, to create the S-Class suite on board their 777 fleet. Inspired by the luxury four-wheeled cars, the(…)

What Does the 2017 S Class Have to Offer?

The S Class has always been the flagship model for Mercedes-Benz. Now, the flagship range is about to enter into its next generation, and we expect it to be the best coupe available on the market. The last S Class that was available for purchase, the W222, is now around two years old and therefore,(…)

Mercedes-Benz sales soar in February

Mercedes-Benz has seen their sales soar in February in the United States. Steve Cannon, the Head of Mercedes-Benz’s operations in the United States has said that the company are building upon the momentum of January. Last year Mercedes-Benz recorded their best ever year in the country in terms of sales but was still narrowly beaten(…)

Mercedes-Benz self driving S-Class

Mercedes-Benz are creating an Autonomous Driving System within the new S-Class. The self driving system will be a pioneer for road car technology. It will be the closet that the automotive industry has come to cars that drive themselves. Slow moving traffic jams This won’t mean that you can drive from London to Glasgow drinking(…)