Tesla increase Model 3 production

Tesla have ramped up production of their Model 3 electric car, boosting revenues significantly in the months leading up to June. Optimising productivity has long been one of the primary goals of Elon Musk, as he strives to firmly establish Tesla as a powerhouse within the electric vehicle market. The Model 3 is the first(…)

Mercedes reveal concept SUV to rival Tesla

The Paris Motor Show tends to have its fair share of unveilings and this year’s is no different, with Mercedes taking its turn in the spotlight. The German car maker has unveiled its new SUV concept, Generation EQ. The all-electric SUV is modelled on the GLC Crossover. Head of the Mercedes-Benz car division, Dieter Zetsch(…)

Mercedes Have Announced All New EV Range for 2020

With the industry now being dominated by the rise of the electric vehicle, Mercedes have decided to announce the launch of four new EV’s which will launch in 2020. This comes as Mercedes’ rivals have also released similar news with their EV’s released for similar dates. Mercedes have released the statement and have given away(…)

Mercedes Attempt to Rival Tesla with Home Batteries

The Tesla Powerwall was released in the summer of 2015 and since then, it has been powering homes using for the better part of a year. Now though, Mercedes have created a rival home battery unit and are looking to compete with Tesla in this market. The units have been created by Deutsche ACCUMOTIVE, a(…)