An In-depth look into the Mercedes-Benz Mbrace2 system

We recently looked at the Mercedes-Benz Mbrace2 system in our article named Mercedes-Benz at the Consumer Electronics Show on January the 10th. Today we take a further analysis into the actual system to be installed into some selected models.In our previous article we mentioned that the Mbrace2 will link up with smart phone and Facebook applications. This will help owners access various functionalities of their car when they are nowhere near it.

The in car Mbrace2 system is said to be made available to the brand new Mercedes-Benz SL Class in March 2012.

Easy to use

The Mbrace2 is easily used through a neat knob alongside the gears and an on board button placed on the dashboard. The knob is especially easy to use as it rotate, allowing pin point precision into where the user wishes to navigate too. Getting to the centre of the screen is made easy, the user simply has to hit the middle button on the knob. Strangely the system does not have a touchscreen functionality which seems to be the norm. The Ford MyTouch system is indeed a touchscreen with that particular feature being one of its highlights.

Facebook connectivity

The Mbrace2 system Facebook app is intelligently integrated into the system. Facebook isn’t going anywhere soon with a billion users expected to be signed up in total by August, the owners of the new Mbrace2 system is more than likely to be member. Using the clever cross platform features includes the drivers being able to check on their profile such as their Wall, latest events, mini feed and check-in to places as well as checking if your friends have checked in near you.  Your friends list will not be accessible however, only those who are linked into your phone book. In order to make everything safer, Facebook connectivity is not able to be utilised until the gear mode is in park.

Google features

Google’s Local Search and Google Street View is also available. Mercedes-Benz Mbrace2 utilises these applications wonderfully giving people a different type driving experience. Web browsing is also available but again only when the car is parked.

Many believe that since the features are only available when the car is stationary, it could be easier to just use your smart phone.



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