Daimler and Google reach agreement on map technology

Daimler and Google have a reached an agreement which states that Mercedes-Benz will get quicker access to new map technology which Google develops.

Mercedes-Benz to get first choice

The agreement was signed back in January at the Consumer Electronics Show (Otherwise known as CES) which was hosted in Las Vegas. Daimler will also be presented with Google Maps API for Business. This will give the company a great advantage in developing map applications within cars and trucks which will be Cloud based. Again Daimler will get the first bite at the cherry for Google’s automotive API’s.

BMW staying ahead of Audi and Mercedes-Benz

Daimler and Google have a reached a deal which promises to have very interesting pieces of equipment developed for Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the future. This in essence allows Google to provide a more effective integration of their service into Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Naturally the German premium manufacturers can now adapt car technology quicker into their vehicles, which will keep them ahead of rivals such as BMW and Audi.

“Send to Car”

Daimler has close connections to Google which they have had a great working relationship now for a number of years. Back in 2007 Mercedes-Benz launched the “Send to Car” system in the United States of America. This allowed drivers to send destinations from Google maps straight to in-built navigation systems.

Further projects

Another project between the two companies resulted in an in-car Google Street View which Panoramio and local search engine technology had built within. Customers will also be able to send customised routes derived from Google Maps straight to their car. European readers may have heard of the technology in association to the COMMAND Online system. American residents may have heard of the technology as being part of the mbrace 2 systems.

Automatic driving arriving soon – Daimler

As Ford has recently mentioned that autonomous driving will arrive here in the future, Daimler have spoken the same words.

Thomas Weber, Daimler’s Head of Research and Development has said that automatic driving will be installed within cars in the near future.

He believes that various functionalities that represent auto pilot driving will be integrated within cars by the year 2015, with this being a starting point for cars to become fully autonomous in the future.

Foundations have already been laid out in many of Mercedes-Benz’s current models according to Mr Weber. This includes adaptive cruise control which stops the car automatically when the car in front comes to a sudden stop.


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