Don’t forget about Mercedes-Benz at the Indian Auto Expo

We have talked about Ford, Audi and BMW and their plans for the Indian Auto Expo but we haven’t yet mentioned Mercedes-Benz India.

Just in case anyone forgot about them, they will firmly place at the front of your minds with their plans for the Delhi motor show scheduled for next month.

New designs and new technology

Mercedes-Benz India has unveiled their line-up of cars which are set for display at the event. From where we are sitting, the motor show has just been made a little more interesting. Mercedes-Benz is sure to excite by the news. We’ll get to see the companies stunning new designs along with their new innovative and breathtaking technology plans for the future. The much described fuel cell technology will be displayed the motor show.

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Fans will get an insight into the popular Mercedes-Benz A-Class with the concept being showcased at the event. The car has received as a wonderfully designed small vehicle which contains some breathtaking technology.

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster

Not only is that but the SLS AMG roadster also set for a slot at the motor show. Fans will get to see the stunning vehicle and how great it will be. The vehicle will command a very high price tag but it will certainly be worth it with the array of wonderful features it has.

Peter T Honegg

All of this will be a follow up on the great success the car has already achieved this year. Peter T Honegg the Managing Director and the CEO of Mercedes-Benz India said that there was a lot for fans to look forward too.

He said “Our showcase at the Auto-Expo this year will be impressive both in terms of presentation and display vehicles. The Mercedes-Benz Arena located exclusively at Hall 15 will feature the company’s new design language; it will also showcase the pulse of a new generation, the concept A-Class and the equally acclaimed Fuel Cell technology.”

He went on to describe how the high quality due to be displayed at the motor show represent the company as a whole.

“There will be a lounge area to offer an exclusive experience, special accessory outlets besides opportunities to offer networking possibilities for patrons and representatives. There will be several show-stoppers including the launch of the stunning SLS AMG Roadster. Besides these there will be technology demonstrators as well as an array of exotic Mercedes-Benz cars that represents automotive design and technology at its best.”


Fans who were already excited about the Indian Auto Expo 2012 are sure to be even more excited thanks to Mercedes-Benz India.


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