F1: Mercedes to power Manor in 2016 engine deal

Formula 1’s back-marker team Manor has struggled since it first appeared in 2010. News broke last week that Manor has secured a deal with Mercedes to race with their engine, arguably F1’s strongest power unit, from the 2016 season. With this new partnership, Manor hopes to break its current disappearing-to-the-back-of-the-grid status next season. The British team has signed a ‘multi-year’ contract with the German manufacturer, after being powered by out-dated Ferrari engines for the last two seasons.

Manor Mercedes partnership

Having entered administration in the tail end of last season, Manor Marussia was saved by businessman Stephen Fitzpatrick. They’ve been lagging behind the competition this season because of the older Ferrari engine and little development of their chassis. Fans hope that the new deal will bring the team back into the race.

This new partnership confirms that Mercedes-Benz will no longer be powering their current season’s team, Lotus. They’ve waited until Lotus found a suitable new partner, Renault, before announcing the new partnership. Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff says, “We like Manor a lot because there is a competitive edge to the whole story,” referring to Fitzpatrick’s rescue of the team, “if Manor gets the right chassis and the right engine, it would be a pretty interesting narrative to see how the team develops.” Now that Manor has signed on, Mercedes will continue to power three teams in total next year, including regulars Force India and Williams.

Manor race team

Wolff is excited for the beginning of the 2016 F1 season, saying Manor is “a tenacious team with a fantastic spirit, and we are all excited to see what step forward they can make next year with their new car, coupled with the Mercedes-Benz hybrid power unit.” The team has also announced they’ll resume the technical deal they have with Williams Advanced Engineering, to be supplied with transmission and suspension components. Along with that, the new Mercedes engine and a brand new chassis for 2016, Manor is driving in the right direction.

Mercedes engine

Hopefully the upcoming season will see Manor moving up the grid because with all these new parts, they won’t have any excuses.




Image credit: https://www.facebook.com/ManorRacing

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