Great improvements to the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

As if the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter wasn’t good enough, the German automotive giants are improving the van’s brakes in a significant way.

Mercedes-Benz has extended their ESP package for the Sprinter. This will improve the braking performance during dangerous situations that could potentially occur on the road. The element of safety is greatly enhanced for passengers and the driver, making the van that extra bit more attractive.


The ADAPTIVE ESP 8.1 technology within the current Sprinter will now be replaced in the 2012 model with the more advanced and sophisticated ADAPTIVE ESP 9i.

Mercedes-Benz is one of the market leaders when it comes to providing safety throughout their vehicle. This piece of news represents a significant step in keeping the company at the forefront of providing impeccable vehicle safety.

The ADAPTIVE ESP safety system is an advanced piece of technology that does guarantee the safety of the driver and all passengers in many different situations. It works hand in hand with safe driving techniques, efficient braking systems and sophisticated chassis systems.


In essence the ADAPTIVE ESP system is one the best pieces of safety equipment available in anyVehicle on the UK market. The system is so clever that it even reads the weight of the vehicle inorder to adapt itself so the vehicle is as stable as possible. If the van does begin to sway whilst on the road, the vehicle is smartly put back into position.  This is a very important feature as the vehicle is a van which is expected to carry different weight loads at a time.

The ADAPTIVE ESP 9i adds Brake Disc Wipe as well as Electronic Brake Prefill to the vehicle. We take a look as to what those two additions add to what is already a brilliant piece of technology.

Brake Disc Wipe

Brake response times are sped up during wet conditions thanks to “Brake Disc Wipe”. Regular light braking is applied which in effect wipes the film off the brake discs.Maximum power braking power is made available during instances of when emergency braking needs to be utilised. During wet conditions, a normal vehicle would not have as much stopping distance which could prove vital in terms of safety.

Electric Brake Prefill

This piece of technology ensures that during instances of when the accelerator pedal is released .Quickly, the brake pads are slightly applied in order to reduce the gap between the brake pad and discs. This is a wonderful and useful addition to the manoeuvre of emergency braking. As the air gap is reduced between the brakes and the pads allowing that extra bit of time to added during such a dangerous situation.

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