Man spends 12 hours looking for his car after Scottish Power move it

n-1It’s the stuff of drivers’ nightmares, coming back to the space where you parked only to find it empty.

This was the unpleasant situation that greeted Lawrence Rivers, when he returned to the Edinburgh parking spot where he’d left his Mercedes. Up in the Scottish capital to perform in the annual comedy fringe festival, Lawrence was dismayed to find the parking space he left his vehicle in, alarmingly vacant.

A small consolation to the carless comedian was that his vehicle hadn’t been stolen, but rather, utilities company Scottish Power had moved it to a nearby location while they carried out essential maintenance to the street in which it had been parked. Problem is, they couldn’t remember where exactly they’d moved it to.

After calling Scottish Power only to find its office was closed, the listed vehicle removal companies, who had no idea where it had been left it and the police, who also drew a blank, Lawrence was left with the unforgiving option of having to tramp the nearby streets ‘looking’ for his vehicle. Speaking to the Daily Record, he said: “I finally found the car at Tennant Street, following a full day of panicking.

“I get that emergencies happen and I don’t have an issue with that. But I do have an issue when no one knows where my car has gone.”

A spokesman for SP Energy Networks said: “Engineers had to carry out emergency repairs on Dryden Street to fix a cable fault that could have resulted in power supplies being affected.

“It is very rare that we need to remove cars to get to a fault and when we do, our contractors inform the police. “We apologise for any concern caused and we will investigate the issues raised.”

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