Mercedes are now selling classic cars direct through museum

Mercedes-Benz has just made the dreams of classic car collectors and restoration hobbyists come true (although your dreams will require large pockets).


The new program named All Time Stars allows people to purchase classic cars from Mercedes-Benz’s Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. Buying through the official company program, buyers can rest easy knowing they are getting the real (and very expensive) deal.

Vehicles are split into three categories: Premium Edition, Collectors Edition and Drivers Edition. Premium Edition vehicles are rare originals that have been fully restored by the Mercedes-Benz Classic division, feature low mileage and are in pristine condition. Collectors Edition models are in excellent technical and aesthetic condition, but may have higher mileage and “their patina gives them a particularly special character”. And Drivers Edition cars are exactly what you’d expect; they’re suited for everyday driving and offer further restoration work, should a buyer want to tinker.

At the moment, there are only 6 available cars in total, but the range will expand within the coming weeks. Keep a watch on the various ‘Coming Soon’ pictures on the website.


If the uncertainty of buying classic cars from private dealers has plagued your decision in the past, then Mercedes can now offer you a safer transaction. Before you scoff at the high prices, remember that peace of mind can be a pricey commodity. So, for those willing to part with several hundred thousand Euros, a MB classic car could be yours.

Either by visiting their website or viewing the range at the museum itself, buyers know they are purchasing a genuine Mercedes-Benz classic vehicle that has been thoroughly inspected for any faults, modifications, or defects.

The website shows the range of vehicles available, or alternatively you can visit the museum in Stuttgart to see them and arrange purchase there. “Detailed information and extensive descriptions” are available, should buyers want to know more. But, they can be assured that every car offered goes through a comprehensive 160-item check process before being sold.




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