Mercedes-Benz A-Class interior is something quite spectacular

Mercedes-Benz has released images of their new A-Class interior and it looks amazing. Automotive fans and journalists alike are praising what is clearly a futuristic a very attractive looking interior.

Fans will get to see the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class here next month at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. The car is set to be released in April here in the UK.

iPhone integration

Keeping with times and the latest technology, Mercedes-Benz have ensured that the car adopts an iPhone integration system. This will work hand in hand with a Mercedes-Benz app. Now the owner will be able to rotate through menus using a rotary controller which is located upon the centre console.

Digital DriveStyle

The Digital DriveStyle app, developed by Mercedes-Benz, will be separated into three separate categories named Friends, Media and Places. The friend’s app will allow users to access Facebook and Twitter. Nowadays these two applications are used by almost everybody. The Media section neatly allows streaming of songs directly from their iPhone. The Places section is a satellite navigation system where live updates are available in 3D. A search functionality is also instilled within the system.


Anyone who has the new iPhone 4S will know about Apple’s latest feature, Siri. This will neatly be installed into the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, allowing drivers to send text or e-mails through voice recognition. However it is not quite perfect at the moment. Background noise within the car may prove to make Siri that extra bit difficult to handle.

The system will be available as an extra. Expert sources claim the cost will be just £100. The whole idea is to clearly get the car to attract a younger audience, being that the likes of Facebook and Twitter have now been made available.

Ralf Lamberti

Ralf Lamberti, the Director of Infotainment and Telematics for Mercedes-Benz has said that the connectivity between the popular iPhone and the system is made very easy. He said “The A-Class will be the most connected car on sale when it is launched in April, with very fast access to iPhone files. Owners who are tech savvy or ‘digital natives’ will choose cars with connectivity and a screen, but functions will be controlled through a mobile device.”

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class entertainment system will adapt itself to various other smart phones in the future.  This includes Android and Windows phones.



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