Mercedes-Benz and BMW could miss 2011 targets

It has been reported that both Mercedes-Benz and BMW are likely to miss their sales targets for the year in India.

10,000 target

We had reported earlier that both companies did well with sales in October in other parts of the world. But it appears both BMW India and Mercedes-Benz India are feeling the effects of an industry which is slowing down globally.

Effectively this means that both Indian divisions of the companies will fall short of the 10,000 annual sales target that was set before.

No figures submitted to SIAM

The German luxury car producers stopped revealing their monthly figures to the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (otherwise known as SIAM). Actions from both were deemed quite strange as submitted monthly figures to SIAM are normal procedure for all motor companies in India.  Both companies used a new global corporate policy to justify themselves not revealing the figures.

BMW India

BMW India President Andreas Schaaf recognised the challenge ahead for the company.  He said “We are still keeping 10,000 as a target but it looks like a daunting task now,”

“November and December are not great months when it comes to sales of cars.”

Mercedes-Benz India

A Mercedes-Benz India spokesman commented on the matter, indicating that the company may have slightly underestimated the sales forecast for the year. He was quoted to have said “The current slowdown did not impact us initially but we started feeling the heat by the middle of the year”.

Other reports claim that Mercedes-Benz India are on track to meet targets this year despite a slowdown in the economy.


The company’s main rival, Audi, will meet their yearly sales target of 5000 in India. November and December are known for being poor months for car sales, but Audi have already sold 4,700 cars between January and October.

Audi India Chief Michael Perschke was very confident at achieving the companies target and even said that this could be the companies best ever year in India. “This year is shaping into, what we believe will be, Audi’s most successful year in India to date,”

“I am confident that we are well on our way to exceeding our sales targets of 5,000 cars this year.”

It appears that after Diwalli, both BMW India and Mercedes-Benz India will struggle to reach their targets. Audi appear not to be doing to badly though.

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