Mercedes-Benz GLK Diesel confirmed

The Mercedes-Benz GLK has recently been released in America and will have a new diesel engine to go with it.

Back in 2009 the first model was released and was aimed at small families, being the smallest and cheapest SUV that the German company has to offer.

Which engine?

The news represents only the sixth diesel to be offered in North America. All five other modes run on Mercedes-Benz’s 3.0 litre turbo diesel V6 engine. The GLK will not receive this engine however. The SUV is set to receive an upgraded and more updated diesel engine. This will include a four cylinder engine with Blue Tec emission technology built within. Some sources believe that the car will contain the company’s 2.1 litre four cylinder turbo diesel engine which has already met the Government’s emission criteria in the country.

A lot to live up to

The engine has a lot to live up to following the great success on the Mercedes-Benz ML and GL models. The GLK is widely expected to bring about sales of well over 30,000 for 2012. This would be a great improvement on last year which sold a respectable 24,310.

Steve Cannon, the Mercedes-Benz North America Chief has confirmed the news in the American automotive press.

Is there a gap?

The German luxury car producers have clearly recognised a gap in the market. More and more motorists have decided to switch from petrol to fuel amid the record high prices throughout the country. This is a market which they are currently leading. Main rivals Audi and BMW do not offer as many diesel variants. Car producers in Asia appear to have also neglected diesel technology in America. Could this help Mercedes-Benz America rise to the top this year?

Hybrid vehicles are not taking off as expected with electric vehicles suffering from being too expensive to purchase. Diesel passenger vehicle sales are currently growing much faster than both hybrid and electric cars.

BMW and Audi may decide to bring more diesels to America as it is a strategy that’s working wonders for Mercedes-Benz at present. Currently BMW offers a diesel engine within the X5 and the 23 Series with Audi offering one in their Q7 model and their A3 model.


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