Mercedes-Benz helps to cut down driver distractions

Mercedes-Benz has offered a helping hand in helping cut out the danger of driver distractions in North America. They will offer free programs consisting of workshops and classes during National Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

The course offered

The National Distracted Driving Awareness months runs every April of each year. Now in it’s third year, Mercedes-Benz have leaped on board providing a demonstration on how to avoid being distracted whilst in a car, assessments of drivers and Parent and Teen Workshops. Parents will be taught how to spot whether their child is driving irresponsibly and then make them realise of the potentially dangerous consequences of their actions.

Helping to keep roads safer

The Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy helps teenagers build a solid foundation of responsible driving, helping them in the future. Naturally this makes America’s roads safer too to a certain extent.

Parents being role models

Marc Hemsworth, a Senior Driving Coach at Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy explained the problem with teenagers and how role models could help. He said “Distracted driving is a major problem for drivers. Teens are now faced with more distractions behind the wheel, compared to previous generations of new drivers. Reinforcing the dangers of distracted driving and being a good role model are a few ways parents can help improve driver safety for their teens and everyone on the road.”


The course involves students driving around a course without any distractions. After gathering the results of that test, students were then asked to drive around the course with the addition of distractions, which included mobile phones, noisy passengers and more. It was aimed at teaching the physical and emotional effects of driving with having so many distractions whilst being within the car.

Mercedes-Benz offering free assessments

At a specific Mercedes-Benz facility in Los Angeles, the company are offering these workshops for teens and parents throughout the month of April. Graduated Driver Licensing laws will be taught by coaches along with strategies for safe driving along with the statistics of teens getting into trouble thanks to being distracted. Free driver assessments are also being offered at the facility.

This year a report was published by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA). It’s findings made worrying readings for teenagers. The number of teenage drivers who died in crashes had increased by 11 per cent. They are the largest age group to be involved in a fatal accident thanks to being distracted reports the National Highway Safety Transportation Association (NHTSA).



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