Mercedes-Benz managed to extend HSS Fleet Contract

Mercedes-Benz have managed to extend their current deal with HSS Hire Fleet Contract as their current lease deal as coming to an end. This is tremendous news for Mercedes-Benz as HSS Hire are one of the company’s largest fleet customers. A brand new range of vehicles will be supplied by Mercedes-Benz in the upcoming months.

Why HSS chose Mercedes-Benz

HSS Hire is one of the nation’s largest suppliers of tool rental services. Ever since 2009 they chose Mercedes-Benz as their only supplier of vans. HSS based their decision after a number of interesting vehicle tests. The trails showed that Mercedes-Benz vans were much more reliable and lasted longer when compared to other vans. They were not need for repair as much as other vehicles with fewer general issues. The vans were importantly a lot more economical too.


ECO-Start technology installed in Mercedes-Benz Sprinters help in reducing the fuel consumption significantly. Companies must look out for environmental impact of their fleet vehicles amid pressure from environmental groups and the Government. The ECO Start technology playing a huge part in keep it down.

The figures

There will be 170 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 313CDI Long Chassis cabs in the HSS Hire line up. In addition to that Mercedes-Benz will also supply 25 Vito 113 CDI Long panel van’s.

Steve Bridge, the Van Sales and Marketing Director for Mercedes-Benz UK said how doing business with HSS shows the quality of the company’s vans. “HSS is a perfect example of why keeping a business moving is so important, especially in the current climate, and thanks to the team at Mercedes-Benz UK and at Enza Motors, we have been able to provide the right vehicles to deliver the right results for HSS.”

Lee Jackson, the HSS Fleet Manager praised the Mercedes-Benz’s vans, safety as well as their reliability. “At HSS, safety is paramount so making sure that the vans we chose offered sophisticated safety features played a large part in our decision making process. In addition, the reliability of Mercedes-Benz vehicles and the service and support they offer will help keep us on the road and make sure we are better equipped to serve our customers. We’ve introduced the Vitos to our range as they offer an increased payload and better mpg, which will mean our fitters can carry more parts and attend to more customers in any one trip”.


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